The Candidates are to be trained in sectors like:

    S.No. Sector Trade Target Total Hours of Training
    1. Health care Sector Skill Council Emergency Medical Technician- advanced 500 1387
    2. Indian Iron & Steel Sector Skill Council Bearing Maintenance 500 1295
    3. Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council Duty Manager Associate 1000 1407
    4. IT/ITES Sector Skills Council Associate - CRM 1500 1663
    5. Retailers Association's Skill Council of India Team Leader 500 1261
Eligibility criteria for an aspirant Minimum 8th Std. & 18 years and above but below 35 years of age
Expected competencies after finishing training After completion of the training, the beneficiaries would be able to:
Write, edit and print documents using MS Word and Excel.
Perform tabulation of data.
Prepare presentation using MS Power Point.
Use Internet and Email.
Search information from Internet.
Data entry of transactions in accounting software.
Listen and Understand English Language.
Read, write and response to the sentences in English.
Work as office assistant or sales person in retail outlet.
Assessment agency SSC
Number of Hours of training per day: 8 hours per day
Number of days of training: 6 – 8 Month