Project Summary

Name of Project DDU-GKY- (Himayat Project)
Project Status Ongoing
Sanction Order No. 05-JKSRLM/HMTOF2017, PRN.- CG2015CR5139
Monitoring Agency NABCON
Name of Project Manager Mr. Shahid Nabi
Designation of the Project Manager State Head
Mobile Number of Project Manager 7889827376
Email id of the Project Manager
Authorized person for MIS and Reports (MIS Officer) Mr. Basant Kumar Sahu
Mobile Number of the MIS Officer 7828282184
Email id of the MIS Officer
Total Physical Target (Training) 4000 Beneficiaries
Project Duration 3 years
Residential/Non Residential Residential
States Covered Jammu & Kashmir
Trades Approved Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Bearing maintenance, Duty Manager, Associate CRM, Team Leader
Trainee Entitlement Food, Conveyance, Medical, Facilitation, Handholding, Hostel Facility